• Residential

    SOLAR-O-MATIC for your house or your vacation home!
  • Commercial

    SOLAR-O-MATIC for your small or large companies and your institutions!
  • Technology

    The simplified operation of Solar-O-Matic!

SOLAR-O-MATIC, St-Hyacinthe’s green heating solution.

a human and technological adventure in the service of the environment.

Maximize energy efficiency of your current heating system and realize significant savings!

Simple but effective, SOLAR-O-MATIC operates the benefits of sunshine without changing the existing system: a fan draws outside air filtered through an air collector. In doing so, the air is heated. In this way, the heat delivered by a pipe system supplies the building and helps reduce moisture of the latter.

Free solar energy for a clean and healthy environment. Without pollution, solar energy will be used as heating means. The SOLAR-O-MATIC is designed to meet a commitment to quality, aesthetics and efficiency. Energy bills and the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced!